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Apostle - Prophet - Published Author  
Influencer -Catalyst

with Global Jurisdiction

For the past twenty-eight years, Dr. Leah Vanterpool has progressively evolved and launched several ministries globally.  She is a trailblazer, catalyst, influencer, transformational leader, presiding apostle, dean, and an astute business and financial professional.  Her ministry has crossed denominational boundaries, traditional limitations, and have impacted those deemed to be outcasts, untouchable, unreachable while transforming those who are spiritually disoriented by the trials and transitions of life.  She is an uncompromising apostolic prophetic oracle for Jesus Christ which is reflected in the transparent and undiluted messages and burdens she shares on the behalf of the Lord to His Body.  


Dr. Vanterpool is a publicly affirmed and consecrated apostle and prophet in the Lord’s church. She is a global voice and is the CEO of Dr. Leah Vanterpool Global, the president of The Fivefold Leadership Institute, The Goal Diggers Network, Deborah Women’s Network, and H.O.L.A. (Healing Our Land Association).  She owns and operates Vanterpool Consulting LLC and It Is Written Publishing.  She is the presiding apostle of the Signet Global Network and is currently an influencer on the mountains of religion, business, media, and education.

God continues to bless the ministry of Dr. Vanterpool through international media streams, as a featured guest on shows like The WORD Network, Preach the Word Network, The IMPACT Network, and the Comcast syndicated talk show - the P.E.W. She has been featured in Majesty Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and South Africa’s – God’s Leading Women Publication twice. She is also the recipient of the 2016 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Who’s Who in the World. Currently, she hosts a weekly show on 100.7FM The Word.  Dr. Vanterpool is the host of the Kingdom Empowerment Show that reaches over 20 million viewers globally.

In addition to her many accomplishments, she has made significant strides through educational matriculation. Dr. Vanterpool has earned a Master’s in Ministry and Doctorate of Divinity from Andersonville Seminary and honorary Doctorates in Theology, and Divinity. She also holds several degrees in the accounting and finance field.

Dr. Leah Vanterpool continues to operate in her apostolic and prophetic mantle as a Kingdom heavyweight and a voice in the earth. Her ministry has been and continues to be transgenerational and transformational in creating a quantum indelible impact to those she leads and those who encounter the OIL that is on her life.  For more information please visit

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